About us

Bator Technologies, a company led by highly experienced Engineering professionals, is committed to provide the best solutions in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. For this to happen, we have joined hands with CIMCO A/S, Denmark, the global leaders in providing CIM Solutions.  We are the AUTHORIZED DISTIBUTORS FOR CIMCO in india.  Our product line includes DNC software for storing and retrieval of NC-programs, CNC-Editors, rapid NC-program simulation and Manufacturing Data Management.

The Bator Technologies team is a happy band of engineers / technicians with over 10000 man hours of domain expertise. We are based in Coimbatore – INDIA with well-established technical team to support.

Our forte at Bator Technologies is linking information and systems together. We provide solutions to Measure, Monitor, and Control different machining and manufacturing processes. And, since we understand machine shop problems, our products are uniquely designed to help you efficiently accomplish your everyday tasks. Our strengths arise from our background on the CNC shop floor. We understand shop floor problems and our products reflects this. They are easy to use, employ common shop floor terminology, and provide solutions to shop floor problems.