The LAN CNC controller brings Ethernet functionality to any CNC machine tool with serial capability. Program files can be sent to/from the Calmotion LAN CNC data server and any CNC. Large files that will not fit in the memory of the CNC can be drip fed (DNC) directly from the data server. The standard capacity is 2 GB with options for additional memory storage. The LAN CNC has been designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. There are no additional licenses or additional interface software requirements. The data server looks like a ftp hard drive on your network. A programmer can simply drag and drop a file from his PC to the data server. Once loaded on the server, an operator can load the file into CNC memory or drip feed a program directly from the file server without using network resources. The data server can be easily made wireless by adding low cost off the shelf wireless routers.

File data is stored locally on a standard SD memory card. In the event of a network crash, data can still be accessed by the CNC which eliminates risk due to network outages. Files can be added manually without the network if required by removing the SD card and updating on a PC.

USB-Code-Loader Software