CIMCO Manufacturing Data Management


CIMCO MDM provides all the functionality you would expect from a modern information management system, and then some. MDM lets you collect and structure all of your manufacturing related documents on a central server and provides options for handling file/folder restrictions, user permissions, automated processes, backup/restore, and version control.

CAD and CAM files in CIMCO MDM :


Changing the status of different levels according to your workflows:


CIMCO MDM allows you to define statuses that

  • Regulate the access rights of a file
  • Inform users about status changes
  • Enable the transmission of files to machines
  • Status settings can override the access rights of a user.
  • So, a status can be used to lock a NC-File that is ready to be send to the machine and should not be modified anymore.

CIMCO MDM can integrate with all of your existing software applications and machines. It provides a central hub for managing and controlling all of your manufacturing related data, for accessing your applications, and helps ensure that authorized employees and machines get access to the right information efficiently.


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