Getting Started with CIMCO MDC-Max Shop Floor Screens

It’s official, CIMCO A/S has released Shop Floor Screens for CIMCO MDC-Max. This useful feature will allow you to visualize your environment and view real time status of your machines. Make sure you have active maintenance before upgrading to version 8.03.00 or newer to enable this feature. This is a video tutorial on how to get started, but before we get to that here are some screenshots of the various features.

Above you see the individual controls to rotate or re-size a machine inside a Shop Floor Screen.

Above you see what happens when you mouse over an individual machine inside a Shop Floor Screen. The dashboard provides the real-time data just like your live screens would.

The background can be a scale drawing of your shop in SVG format. This allows you to place and size the machines to accurate scale. The above image is of a free web based svg editor called SVG-Edit

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