CIMCO MDC-Max  – A Real-Time Machine Monitoring Software

The professional choice for Manufacturing Data Collection CIMCO MDC-Max  is a real-time machine data collection system that gives you instant reports and charts about your shop floor productivity.

In today’s complex and competitive global markets, it is more important than ever to maximize effective use of manufacturing equipment. CIMCO MDC-Max  provides powerful machine data collection and analysis capabilities to make this task easier and gives you real time reports including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). All of this can be achieved without the need to place PC’s beside the machine tools – all the data can be collected by cable, wireless or Ethernet (network) and is stored centrally even if you have multiple workshops to monitor.

CIMCO MDC-Max integrates with the latest version of the most trusted CNC-Communication software on the market – CIMCO DNC-Max.

MDC-Max Web Client

There is a new MDC-Max web client available in version 8. The client displays the operator screens, and live screens, and allows you to interact with them. The web client is also developed with responsive design which makes it adapt to smartphones and tablets.

The operator panels are supporting all the features of the regular desktop client.

How MDC-Max  works

On a typical installation we fit one of our MDC units into the machine control. This unit is wired into the ‘Cycle start’ and ‘Parts counter’ relays. Every time the machining cycle or the parts counter signal is detected by the MDC unit a code is sent back to the MDC-Max  software. Because of the variety of types of machine controls the monitored signals may vary depending on customers requirements.

These codes are recorded in real time on the computer system and can be displayed immediately in a graphical format.

Setup with CIMCO MDC-Max connected wirelessly to machine(s) on the shop floor. A tablet is used for entering and sending downtime reason codes back to MDC-Max .

Setup with CIMCO MDC-Max  connected wirelessly to machine(s) on the shop floor. Barcode reader is used for scanning and sending downtime reasons back to MDC-Max.

If a machine is not in production for some reason there are multiple solutions for notifying CIMCO MDC-Max. This can be done with a tablet, a mini PC with touch screen or a barcode reader where an Operator either chose the downtime reason on a tablet/touch screen or use a barcode reader to scan the appropriate downtime code.

The choice of using either a tablet, mini PC or barcode reader depends on the customer’s specific setup and need.

Downtime reasons codes can be fully customized to your company such as:

  • Waiting for Setter
  • Waiting for Maintenance
  • Waiting for Tooling
  • Waiting for Material

As MDC-Max records all this information you can then generate reports to see how much production time has been lost due to waiting for tooling etc.

Basic Machine Data Collection

The majority of companies only want to know if a particular machine is running and producing or if it’s stopped. The basic data collection will produce charts to show the amount of time the machine has been in production and the amount of time allocated to downtime. It is then up to the supervisor to ask the operator why the machine was not running.

Advanced Machine Data Collection

With Advanced Machine Data Collection we can provide accurate reporting of the machine tool efficiency on any job. We can show the total percentage of downtime for each type of machine stoppage such as Tooling, Setting and Machine Maintenance etc. This additional information is provided by the operator using a barcode reader or a touch screen. The operator simply scans a barcode or use the touch screen to indicate the reason for the machine downtime. This information can then pin point exactly what is causing a loss of production.

  • Operator ID login
    MDC-Max knows who is logged onto the machine
  • Setter login
    MDC-Max can separate out setting time for each job
  • Maintenance ID login
    MDC-Max can separate out maintenance from downtime
  • Waiting for material
    operator swipes this to say he is waiting for stores
  • No job
    there are no jobs waiting for the machine
  • Scrap part
    the last part was scrapped so remove it from the good part count
  • Tool broken – the operator is waiting for a setter

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Monitoring

MDC-Max provides powerful machine data collection to automatically provide the information from your CNC machine tools to produce Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reports. Worldwide studies indicate that the average OEE rate in manufacturing plants is 60%. A World Class OEE is considered to be 85% or better, clearly there is room for improvement in most manufacturing plants!

Reports and Graphs

With over 100 available report templates you can easily display your data to enable you to explore down to the appropriate level to see exactly what is happening with your production schedules.

  • Cycle Time per Part (min, max and average)
  • Number of parts per shift / operator
  • Number of scrapped parts
  • Machine downtime
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Setup Time per part
  • Operator effectiveness
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Realtime Machine Display

(see which machines are running at a glance)

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